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I was looking for a wedding planning company to help put together my wedding in Athens, Greece. As I live in the US, that would have been extremely difficult for me to do on my own! I came across E.M for you event planning and loved how approachable and down to earth both owners seemed! When I talked to them for the first time I was certain that they were the perfect fit for me! They helped me find a venue and my wedding turned out to be so beautiful... But the experience of working with them was also absolutely flawless as well. What I liked about them the most was that you can really talk to them about your thoughts/ concerns/ ideas, and they will understand, offer you suggestions and comfort you. They represent you and take care of everything for you but you also get to connect with them. They are a great team- super passionate, hard working, respectful, punctual, with a great sense of style and broad knowledge of latest trends as well as classics. They more than exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them to anyone planning a wedding in Greece!

Konstantina Mitrovgenis


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